Rednal Karting 10 & 11 September 2016

Race report by Jaki Bradley – Pictures by Sports Events Live

Regal Hodgson Reigns at Rednal

Rednal Karting a few miles outside Oswestry in Shropshire was the perfect back- drop for Round 8 of the ACU British Supermoto Championship. A tight twisty tarmac section with nearly 50% of the circuit comprising of a mixture of jumps and fast dirt section makes it one of the toughest and demanding destinations on the British Supermoto scene. Innovative work by the Supermoto UK media team using local towns Facebook pages saw a sizeable crowd turn up for both days, many were whole families and judging by the comments at the circuit and on social media they had a fantastic time – surely a pointer to other clubs! The weather forecast was quite bleak for Saturday but in the end after a slightly damp start both days racing took place in fantastic conditions.

Michelin Premier Cup
All year the Elite battle has been between the SJP Husqvarna teammates, Chris Hodgson & Jay Smith, with the Cumbrian Hodgson having the upper hand, however Lancastrian Richard Blakeman, buoyed by his selection to the Supermoto of Nations team, muscled his way into 2nd spot. Jay Smith was 3rd with Richard Sharp completing an all Husqvarna front row in 4th.
Race 1 got under way in dry conditions, Hodgson got the holeshot but was chased by Blakeman, who hung on to 2nd for 6 laps but Smith was pressurising him hard and finally slipped past as Blakeman made an error. By then Hodgson was well clear at the front, Richard Sharp came out on top of his battle with Jordan Bannon to take 4th.
Race 2 and the track was in perfect condition with lap times tumbling, Hodgson again got the holeshot but Smith was in determined move and pressurised his team mate for the full ten laps, setting the fastest lap of the race. The large crowd watching on was spellbound with the hard fought riding skills but Hodgson would not buckle and held on to win by 1/10th of a second. Third place went to the impressive Richard Sharp using his off road riding skill to the max ahead of Blakeman who recovered to fourth after an early race fall on his Husqvarna.
Race 3 Hodgson was in no mood for another fight so he got the hammer down to take a flag to flag comfortable victory from Smith, Blakeman & Sharp and the tenacious Jordan Bannon in 5th.

Styleimage - Sports - Events Photography

Styleimage – Sports – Events Photography

Suter Clutch Challenge Cup
Rapidly becoming the stand out racing on the Saturday, a full grid of intermediate riders battled it out for the top spot. Surrey stalwart Darren Lee was in a different class all day however with 3 wins from 3, second went to the rapidly improving Ashley Middleton on his 14 year old Honda CRF. SJP Husqvarna rider George Jarvis salvaged 3rd after a difficult day ahead of veteran Mark Stephens and ex Mini Biker Conor Bolsover in 5th.

NPS Novice Cup
A huge entry saw the novice races split into 2 groups, Daniel Hall was an impressive overall winner on his Supermoto debut pointing to a very strong future. Second overall leader Steven Lowe. Third place went to Cornishman Simon Snowdon with two stroke fan Blaine Pearson fourth and really enjoying his first year in supermoto racing.

Mini Bikes
A good entry of mini Bikes amazingly saw 10 year old Casey Jones take the overall win from Conor Bolsover on his 65SX KTM, Ben Green was 4th on his CRF ahead of Scotsman CeeJay Davies.

After overnight rain thankfully Sunday dawned cold but bright and the sun soon came out and glorious day followed allowing a full days racing on slicks for all competitors.

Michelin Elite Cup
Hodgson was imperious in the dry conditions looking smooth and relaxed as he set pole from his more aggressive teammate Smith by nearly 2 seconds. Richard Sharp was third and Richard Blakeman rounded out the top 4.
Race 1 with Sundays racing running slightly longer races a familiar pattern was set – Hodgson got the hole shot and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Smith stuck to his task and kept Richard Sharp at bay, Richard Blakeman had a difficult time with his knee popping out over one of the big jumps. He retired to the medical centre to have it reset and was bravely out for the following two races.
Race 2 was a carbon copy of race one, Smith got nearer to Hodgson in the early laps and his lap times weren’t far off but Hodgson just edged away remorselessly lap after lap to win by a comfortable 10 seconds. Richard Sharp was again 3rd and Blakeman was rewarded for his grit with a fine 4th. Jordan Bannon got 5th after a great 3-way tussle with Charlie Light & Tim Johnson.
Race 3 was again a victory for Hodgson but this time Smith was much nearer in second, Sharp was 3rd, Blakeman the likeable Lancashire tree surgeon was 4th. There was a real battle for 5th though with Jordan Bannon getting the place by only 2/10ths of a second ahead of an on fire Tim Johnson.

Open National
A large entry of National class riders tackled the fantastic track enjoying the dry conditions and put on some great racing especially for the podium places. Veteran Andy Mitchell was just too fast for the pack on his KTM 300 two stroke, George Jarvis kept him honest though with two 2nds and a win in race 3. Fifer Ryan Chalmers made the long trip very worthwhile with 3rd overall and best clubman and South African exile Dirk Jordaan picked up 4th and rider of the day award for his all action style.
Results Day One
Michelin Premier Cup 1st Chris Hodgson (Husqvarna) 105pts – 2nd Jay Smith (Husqvarna) 96pts – 3rd Richard Blakeman (Husqvarna) 88pts – 4th Richard Sharp (Husqvarna) 86pts – 5th Jordan Bannon (Husqvarna) 78pts – 6th Charlie Light (KTM) 74pts – 7th Tim Johnson (Husqvarna) 72pts – 8th Andy Mitchell (KTM) 70pts – 9th Dean Hillier (Husqvarna) 66pts -10th Owen Connell (Honda) 42pts

Suter Clutch Cup 1st Darren Lee (KTM) 105pts – 2nd Ashley Middleton (Honda) 92pts – 3rd George Jarvis (Husqvarna) 89pts – 4th Mark Stephens (Honda) 81pts – 5th Connor Bolsover (Honda) 76pts

Novice Cup 1st Daniel Hall (Husqvarna) 102pts – 2nd Stephen Lowe (Honda) 90pts – 3rd Simon Snowden (KTM) 79pts – 4th Blaine Pearson (Husqvarna) 78pts – 5th Gage Pedley (Honda) 68pts

Mini Bikes 1st Casey Jones (65SX) 97pts – 2nd Connor Bolsover (CRF) 89pts – 3rd Ben Green (CRF) 83pts – 4th CeeJay Davies (CRF) 82pts – 5th Gary Pigney (Open) 81pts

Results Day Two
Michelin Elite Cup 1st Chris Hodgson (Husqvarna) 105pts – 2nd Jay Smith (Husqvarna) 96pts – 3rd Richard Sharp (Husqvarna) 90pts – 4th Jordan Bannon (Husqvarna) 80pts – 5th Tim Johnson (Husqvarna) 75pts – 6th Charlie Light (KTM) 74pts– 7th Ollie Kemp (TM) 70pts – 8th Dean Hillier (Husqvarna) 65pts – 9th Owen Connell (Honda) 64pts –10th Richard Blakeman (Husqvarna) 56pts

Open National A 1st Andy Mitchell (KTM) 102pts – 2nd George Jarvis (Husqvarna) 99pts – 3rd Ryan Chalmers (Husqvarna) 84pts – 4th Dirk Jordaan (KTM) 83pts – 5th Ashley Middleton (Honda) 74pts

Clubman Cup 1st Ryan Chalmers (Husqvarna) 84pts – 2nd Ashley Middleton (Honda) 74pts – 3rd Richie Leat (Honda) 64pts – 4th Paul Robey (Husqvarna) 56pts – 5th Peter Bennett (KTM) 54pts

Best Over 45 – Andy Mitchell (KTM)

Best Two Stroke – Andy Mitchell (KTM)