We have now released the 2020 updated Championship Conditions, Sporting Code, Standing Regulations & Technical Regulations. We have provided a synopsis of this years changes here but we urge all competitors to download the full regulations from our website and make yourself acquainted with our rules as this may save you time and possibly money in the future. To access the documents use this link

One area we wish to standardise is communication with officials, we all run full time jobs and with the wide number of social media platforms it is difficult keeping track with all the queries we receive. Therefore for 2020 please use email to contact us as we can cover each other during holidays. Please avoid Facebook direct messaging as they may not get picked up regularly.

For technical questions, regulation clarification, jurisdiction queries etc please contact David Dearden on  or telephone 07590 832058, Monday to Thursday 7pm – 10pm. For membership queries, ACU licence codes and pre-entering meetings please email Laura Hodgson on .

There are very few actual changes but, in an effort, to make things easier for everyone we are covering the important points that regularly cause confusion at our events. One area we will be tightening up on for 2020 however is signing on, when the scheduled signing on time is reached signing on will close and competitors will need to sign on at lunchtime. Competitors who have not signed on are forbidden from entering the track until they have done so.

Entry fees have had to be increased slightly this year purely to cover the increase in circuit hire which has risen again at all venues especially Three Sisters where the increase is significant. For 2020 the increase is a nominal £5, that is per meeting not per day.

Championship Conditions changes/reminders 2020

  • A Novice will now be classified as a rider who is in their first full season of SM racing and has not competed previously in five or less Supermoto events. Top 5 Novices in the 2019 championship must move to the Clubman class. Riders who have ridden in previous seasons and want to be classed as Novice will be allowed to do so at the discretion of the Race director.
  • Clubman are classified as riders who have not finished in the Top 15 of the British Championship overall in 2018 or 2019. This means riders previously classified as Elite can drop back into the Clubman class if they choose to do so. The first three Clubman in the 2019 Championship must move up to Elite.
  •  In all cases competitors’ categories can be changed by the Race Director based on observation and past experience.
  • For the final (3rd) British Championship race, the grid positions of the first eight finishers in Race 2 will be reversed, i.e. the winner of Race 2 will be on Grid position 8 and 2nd place will be grid position 7 and so on.
  • The winner of Superpole will receive one extra British Championship point.
  • If a competitor is not in the assembly area when the warm-up lap for that race commences, they start from the back of the grid. The ONLY exception to this rule is if a machine is being shared and the second competitor needs to be present in the holding bay before the warm-up lap commences.
  • The EVO class will now be open to all non-fuel injected models based on bikes built 2010 and before. The Aprilia SXV 450 & 550 will be eligible.
  • The Ladies Cup will be a full ACU British Championship.
  • A one event licence holder will not be eligible for Championship points.
  • To receive British Championship points all riders must hold an ACU licence. Licences must be produced at signing on.
  • All competitors must display the correct and legible front numbers on their bikes that correspond to the number written on the Technical Inspection card. Failure to do so will result in the deduction of the race points for that race.
  •  Late entry fees are now £15, to avoid a late entry fee, competitors must advise the secretary of the meeting of their intention to race 7 days before the event.
  •  For all classes the best 7 of 8 rounds count, the final round will be double points.

Technical Regulations

  •  Fabric Moto-X type gloves are not allowed. For 2020 all gloves should be leather or Kevlar and cover the gap at the wrist.
  • Competitors are highly recommended to wear a quality back protector.

 Standing Regulations

  • Penalties clarified, Jump start, Anticipation or false start 10 second penalty, video evidence technology will be introduced at the start.
  • Course cutting, missing a section of course, 2 position penalty. For clarification if a competitor leaves the course they must re-enter at the point that they left the course, unless they are directed by an official not to do so due to the risk of endangering other competitors, in that case no advantage in position must be taken.
  •  Competitors are reminded that it is compulsory to carry a working fire extinguisher in ALL vehicles parked in the race paddock.

 Sporting Code

  •  There has been an update to the drug testing regulations.
  • Presentation if a competitor who has won a trophy and will not be at the end of meeting presentation then they must inform race control or forfeit championship points.