To get out on track, you will need to ensure your Supermoto has the following items fitted.
This is to protect you and the circuit

Handguards not only protect your hands in the event of a fall, they also prevent your handlebars and levers from any unnecessary damage. They must have an outer construction of plastic to preserve the circuit surface. 

Axle Sliders

These are again designed to protect both your bike and the circuit surface should you drop your machine. Many choose the option to purchase skateboard wheels and thread bar, or you may opt for pre-made versions which will work out slightly more costly. 

Peg Sliders

As axle sliders, these are designed to preserve the surface of the circuit. Easily homemade, or readily available for sale on well-known internet auction sites for around £15.

Sump Plug
Sump Plug Lockwire

This is intended to avoid sump plugs vibrating loose and causing a spillage of oil on the circuit, which could in turn pose a significant danger to other riders. As you will see from the picture, you will need to drill a small hole in your sump plug to threat the wire through, the wire should then be attached to either another bolt, or some choose to wrap around the lower part of the frame.

Overflow Tanks

As with the sump plug modification, the aim of a catch tank is to stop any overflow of fluids causing a problem. Some bikes, as in the picture, will have a purpose built catch tank, located at the front of the swing arm. However, they are simple to make and the popular choice is a small drinks can or bottle cabled tied to the frame. Locate all the overflow tubes into the can/bottle making sure that non of the tubes go right to the bottom as this can draw fluids back into your carburettor etc.