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  • The club’s transponders are becoming increasingly unreliable and all competitors are strongly urged to obtain an AMB X2 MX Transponder, they are available for around £83 direct from My Laps and there are wired versions which can be fitted to the battery of the bike or car to save charging. The process is very simple and we are here to help you register. To buy follow this link https://speedhiveshop.mylaps.com/mx.html Please note whilst we will endeavour to ensure that transponders hired out are reliable, failures of transponders in the race may well lead to no result for a competitor so if you intend to compete in at least 3 meetings this year obtain your own transponder now!!
  • Hi everyone, i'm Rob. I will be running the media side of things for Norasport this season. It was an honour to be asked and it will be a challenge to follow the footsteps of StyleImage, who have done a fantastic job over the past few years and also given me some great tips and advice, but I will be putting my all into it and hopefully provide you with some great images :-)
  • We have decided to create a online forum where new and old members can collaborate and share images, tips, tricks and ideas. Please be respectful of other members and be aware of the following rules / regulations. ABUSE - no malicious abuse or "trolling" of other members. Abuse/trolling should not be responded to in like. DISAGREEMENTS/DISPUTES - keep them to PMs or completely off the forum. VALIDITY - all content should have some sort of value - whether it be humour, informative, discussion, etc. VIOLENCE/GORE - no posting of graphic/glorified violence (against either human or animal) or gore. Any content being posted of an adult nature should include NOT SAFE FOR WORK in the title. PRIVATE SELLING - any selling activity should be restricted to The Marketplace. For sale threads are not allowed to be "bumped" just to keep them at the top of the section listing. COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY - no commercial activity (whether direct or indirect - that includes promotion and advertising either directly in posts, in signature, profiles or on images posted) without first having the explicit consent of the site owner(s). CRIMINAL ACTIVITY - no posting of any media showing members breaking the law/No condoning of any criminal activity. PERSONAL INFORMATION - no disclosing of other members home addresses, contact details, full names, etc. (you can, of course, post your own details if you so wish). REPLIES TO TOPICS - keep threads on-topic and in the correct forum sections - off-topic comments can expect to be deleted. MODERATOR CONTACT - do not contact moderators/admin in an attempt to get favourable or personalised moderation. MODERATION DECISIONS ARE FINAL Please remember... No-one has any inherent right to be here or any right to say and behave however they want. The forum is owned, provided and supported by private individuals who have worked hard on it and give their free time and resources willingly to create a friendly, constructive and supportive environment for like-minded souls. Please respect both your fellow members and the forum, and recognise that whilst the moderation/admin team will do their best they are only human. They may make decisions that you don't agree with however please support them as every decision they make is with the goal of protecting, supporting and helping the forum and its members.