Race day will begin for you the day before the event with preparation at home ensuring your bike and you are both prepared for the following days action.  Its always useful to write yourself a list of essentials, but if you do forget anything on race day the supermoto community will always rally round to help……you would be surprised how many people forget fuel..?


Arrive at the circuit in plenty of time to set up, you want to avoid any last-minute rushing around or panicking you will be late, the following hours are essential to setting you up for the day.

Scrutineering will be your first task.  Make your way to the signing on area and the assistants there will ask you your race number etc and issue you with a card.  This card is then taken, along with your bike to the scrutineers where they will check the bike over for all the necessary safety features and general condition of the bike.

Once completed, they will sign your card and this then allows you to proceed to sign on, pay your fee etc.

You will also be issued with a transponder, for which there is a fee and a returnable deposit. You will also be told what time and what location the ‘Riders Briefing’ will take place.  This is mandatory and must be attended.

Attend the Riders Briefing where the Race Director will explain the format of the day, go over the essential layouts of the track, flag signals and any necessary hazards.  It also gives you an opportunity for you to ask questions…..don’t be afraid to ask if you are unsure about anything..!!

You will be released by the Race Director from the Riders Briefing with the instructions of timings of sessions. Make a note of your group and what times you are out on circuit for practice, qualifying and then your three races through the day.

Fit your transponder to the front of your bike, around the front forks.

It’s a good idea, to have the race schedule posted up in your race area / van along with a clock.