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WU – Wigan | 14 Mar

14 March 2020
- Three Sisters
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What are Superlites?

A Superlite race car is a single seater open wheeled tubular space frame machine previously known as a Drakart. Designed and built to different specifications for the two British Superlite Championship classes for the purpose of giving you thrills and competition on Superlite race car, off road buggy a sensible budget. They are of a lightweight construction with a very high power to weight ratio, having an open cockpit and low to the ground. The sensation of speed and control are second to none giving many competitors their first sensation of circuit racing, at what can be argued to be the most value for money competitive motor sport available today.

With start grids of twenty plus machines on firm tarmac, super-moto is Europe’s fastest growing motor sport, and although predominately participated by trick purpose built solo motor cycles and quad bikes, Norasport have their own unique category class of superlite machines, in the 8 round Championships. The discipline is very similar to rally cross with a varying combination of 70% to 90% tarmac, and 10% to 30% loose surfaces of shale/gravel. With a possibility of a few well-placed jumps and tight corners to bring the speeds back down to reality, this gives ideal opportunities for out-braking or cornering to gain an advantage when attempting to overtake. All this results in good clean exciting racing on all parts of the track for the duration of the race, which are in the region of 8 to 12 laps long depending on the length of track on the day (typically one to one and a half kilometre).

Superlite race car, off road buggy All races score points, via transponder-timed results, for an annual British Championship in both disciplines. Trophies are awarded on the day for the finals with an end of season presentation evening to award the annual Championship winners in each category.

The two categories in the superlites are 600cc class and Open class (900cc). The major difference being engine and transmission, the 600 class are Rotax two-stroke twins driven through a constant variable transmission, and no matter what you throw at this machine, you are always in the correct gear, it is ideal for Short course Supermoto, rallycross, sprint and speedway events. These machines are genuinely quick on all surfaces no matter what the conditions, being in excess of 100 bhp 0 to 60mph is compatible with any of your Ferrari or Lamborghini, they seek to thrill – make no mistake these are big boys toys at affordable prices.

The open class machines are powered by Honda CBR900 Fireblade engines with sequential gearbox. Come along and see them, but be warned, the sound and power is quite infectious and it is not difficult to become addicted to these thoroughbred beasts. All the kids want one from 16 year olds up to the grey haired teenagers who you see walking the paddock with the biggest grin imaginable (having just beaten their closest rival by 0.300th of a second!) why wouldn’t they be?